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Generate, Maintain, Increase and Drive.

We have many different Social Media Marketing Packages to choose from. Below is a list of some of our services we offer in these packages. Each package include a social media marketing plan, competitive comparison report consisting of three nearby businesses, custom artwork and banners, custom graphics and photos and a monthly schedule outline.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers are the voices of companies on social and digital media sites. You will be provided your own personal, dedicated Social Media Manager who will be continuously generating content for your company, creating new ideas and campaigns, and measuring how effective those ideas are.

Monthly Forecasted Schedule

Your Social Media Manager will provide a forecasted schedule for the upcoming month. Your schedule will be based on your upcoming events, specials, pre-determined content creations, holidays and local happenings in your area. This schedule can change according to your business’s daily operations and newly scheduled upcoming events.

Monthly Analytics Report

An analytics report is an in-depth analysis of the work that has been performed over the previous month. Everything from growth, likes and shares, engagement and feedback is measured. Your Social Media Manager will use this information to refine the strategy for the next month. This report will be provided to you the 1st of each month.

Content Creation

Your Social Media Manager will create content to post on your social media channels. Each post will include a line or two of text followed with an article, picture or video. All posts will be clean, professional and relevant to your marketplace. These posts will be published or shared several times throughout the day to ensure your followers have the opportunity to view it.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is the process of responding to fans questions or comments on all social channels, monitoring spam and engaging on-page with fans and followers. This includes asking fans & followers questions and making comments. This is extremely beneficial to give your customers the sense of trust… let them know you are here, listening and care about what they say and think.

Organic Followers Prospect

Organic Followers Prospecting is the art of scouring the social web, identifying potential prospects for your business, engaging them and drawing them in to your social media sites. We personally find people in your area and add them as friends, if possible, which will in return bring more sales to your doorstep. We comment, engage and socialize for you which builds your fan base and community awareness.

Time Sensitive Offers

For businesses that chose this feature, you will let you SMM know what offers you would like posted and when you would like it posted. These offers would be posted on your social media sites with a timed deadline to receive offer. These offers will be listed on your monthly forecasted schedule to ensure your staff knows of offer and time line in advance. Each offer may be different and you may have these posted up to four times in one month.

Weekly Review Search & Report

Monitoring your customers’ reviews is one of the best things you can do to establish trust and communication within your community. Not only will we report negative reviews to you, we will encourage users to leave good reviews. 81% of online users say reviews directly influence their purchasing decision. Don’t let your business have negative reviews go unnoticed. We will monitor your review sites and report to you any and all new reviews weekly.

Content Video

Videos are dominating as the social media content of choice. 78% of people watch online videos once a week while 55% of those people watch daily. Thirty seconds of video is worth 900,000 words. Consumers want videos that feel personable to them- commercials are outdated- and your consumers want to feel “at home” with you. We will make content videos which will be 15-30 seconds long and will include a topic of you choice. We encourage your staff to take part in each video to bring your viewers “inside” you business.

SMS Texting

More than 95% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt. With this many eyeballs on your message, driving business has never been easier. We will provide you with a keyword that your customers will text to sign up for your SMS. We will add them to your marketing list and automatically text back a customized response. We will also provide you with one 8.5 x 11 mounted advertising poster for you to display at your location. (Additional signage may be purchased).

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