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Social Media Marketing.... It's not an option anymore.

It is now that businesses are waking up to the REALITY that social media marketing is vital. It has become a relationship-builder and not a one-way bullhorn. It is time for all businesses to realize that social media marketing is best if used to embrace conversation, knowing that in order to establish connections, you must break down the social media silo you have created. It is most important to speak WITH your consumers rather than at them. Embracing the new trend of one-on-one engagement helps you reach organic fans and followers.

Fans and followers demand personal interaction. Personal interaction is the new demand on social media marketing. People want to know there is a real person behind your company, who cares about what they have to say and will respond their concerns, questions or comments. Companies that have already grasped this concept are not only seeing a lot more interaction on their content, but also are building up a high level of trust.

Marketing now requires a combination approach. No longer is social media marketing allowed to focus on one platform to be successful- this is extinct! Integrated social media marketing is a "must" for implementation. Brands need to think cohesively about their online social marketing plans and goals and combine their content on several social media platforms. This integration of cross social marketing enhances and boosts engagement from one platform to another.

Visuals, visuals, visuals! This is the year where images and video engagement has soared above text related content. Not using visuals on your social media platforms or using old and out-dated ones, will reflect negatively on your business. People want REAL, spur-of-the-moment visuals created on smart phones rather than commercial made visuals because it makes the user feel more relatable to your business and it increases their engagement with you.

While proper and successful social media marketing does take a lot of time and planning, it doesn't have to be your burden alone anymore. Social Feed is here to help you all aspects of social media. We know what works, when to post, when to "hashtag", when not to, what to post to where and how to get those shares and likes. We KNOW social media. We are the social media experts your business needs.